The Performers
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Jeff Pelletier

Flute, alto flute, bass flute, wooden piccolo, recorder

Jeff Pelletier has appeared in concerts and as a soloist numerous times throughout the U.S. and Canada. In addition to being the founder and artistic director of the wind quintet Ventos (, Jeff is the flutist with the Vancouver based vocal chamber group the Erato Ensemble, is second flute/piccolo with the Kamloops Symphony, performs regularly with the Vancouver Island Symphony and Plastic Acid Orchestra and freelances throughout BC.

Jeff Pelltier

Jeff Pelletier has studied with Carl Bergner, and, most notably, Julius Baker, former principal flutist of the New York Philharmonic. Jeff holds an Artist Diploma from the University of BC where he studied with Lorna McGhee, newly appointed principal flutist with the Pittsburgh Symphony. Jeff Pelletier is a Pearl Flute Performing Artist.


Lauri Lyster

Percussion, voice

Lauri Lyster is a versatile musician, equally at home playing classical, jazz or ethnic percussion and drum set. She is a percussionist with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, and an occasional extra for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. She has worked with jazz bands, chamber ensembles, dance groups and recorded for television and film. She also enjoys teaching group percussion and piano classes and workshops to the young -- and the young at heart.

In 2012 Lauri wrote the one-woman play The Drummer Girl, a musical featuring her on drums and percussion, with a band and with comedic anecdotes about life as a female drummer. The show premiered to a sold-out crowd at the Firehall Arts Centre in 2012, ran in 2013 at the Orpheum Annex theatre, and this past February the Firehall had The Drummer Girl back for a 12-show run.

One of Lauriís main projects is the traditional jazz band the New Orleans Ale Stars, headed by her husband Simon Stribling. The band has played jazz festivals and concerts in B.C., Holland and the US. This past spring, Lauri performed with jazz bands in France and Denmark.

Lauri Lyster

Adam Henderson


Adam Henderson

Adam Hendersonís acting career spans 35 years, two continents and numerous countries. Originally from New York, then Winnipeg, Adam Henderson trained at the famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in Britain. For 20 years he appeared on stages in Londonís West End, at Britainís National Theatre, and in theatres across Europe.

In 2000, Adam Henderson moved to Vancouver where he has appeared in numerous stage productions as well as TV and film productions. Also a director, Adam Henderson has recorded many BBC radio dramas, audiobooks, cartoons, and commercials. Adam teaches at Vancouver Film School and at UBC.