The Performers

2015 Performers


Kim Robertson: Celtic harp, voice

Janelle Nadeau: Pedal harp, voice

Krista Gibbard: voice

Lauri Lyster: percussion, voice

Jeff Pelletier: flute, bass flute, wooden piccolo

Joaquin Ayala: nyckelharpas, bass psaltery, organistrum

Adam Henderson: narrator, percussion

Director: Lori Pappajohn: Celtic harp


Behind-the-Scenes Personnel

Publicist: Gwen Kallio

Backdrops: Jean Claude Olivier

Candelabras: Joaquin Ayala

Sound (Lower Mainland): Dwayne Harder

Women's costumes: Joanne Chiasson & Lori Pappajohn

Assistant Production, Lower Mainland: Kevin Mooney

Harp technologists: Dr. Bess Lu and Rob Muir

Artistic consultation: Alan Woodland

Web site design: Lori Pappajohn and Karen Hinchey Perry

Web master: Dwayne Harder

Masseuse: Annette Johnston

Kim Robertson

Celtic harp and vocals

Kim Robertson is one of the world?s leading Celtic harpists. Her ground-breaking arrangements and passionate performances launched the Celtic harp into the modern world and inspired thousands of people to become harpists. Giving performances and workshops in numerous countries, Kim Robertson has shared her knowledge with other harpists who have gone on to have professional careers of their own. One of those harpists is Lori Pappajohn whose first teacher was Kim Robertson.

Says Pappajohn: ?I can?t tell you what an honour it is to have Kim Robertson in Winter Harp. She is a legend in the harp world.?

Combining the authentic traditions of the Celtic harp with a dynamic flair for world rhythms and on-the-edge improvisation, Kim Robertson has stretched the boundaries of the harp for a new generation of performers and music lovers.

She regularly tours the USA, Canada and Europe, and is recognized as one of the most popular folk harpists performing today. Her work encompasses more than 40 recording projects, numerous published harp arrangements, and an international itinerary of workshops and retreats.

Kim Robertson
Janelle Nadeau

Janelle Nadeau

Celtic harp, classical harp, voice

Janelle, who holds a degree in Harp Performance from the University of B.C., has performed and toured with various groups and as a soloist throughout Canada. Janelle has toured Canada with the National Youth Orchestra, performed for Celebrity Cruises, worked with Grammy-nominee Deborah Henson-Conant, and played in Kanye West?s backup band. Janelle also plays in various orchestras in the Lower Mainland including the Vancouver Opera Orchestra and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. This bilingual (French/English) harpist, who is also a singer and composer, has performed for Manitoba?s popular Home Routes concert tour and the Manitoba Arts Council.

Janelle is the 2008 first place winner and the 2006 second place winner of the Winnipeg Women's Musical Club competition. Her performances have been heard on CBC Radio as well as VIA TVA television. Janelle studied harp with Richard Turner (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra), Heidi Krutzen (Vancouver Opera Orchestra) and Rita Costanzi (CBC Radio Orchestra). Janelle's music spans genres from classical to folk to world music.


Krista Gibbard


Krista Gibbard is a classically trained soprano whose repertoire ranges from light opera, to oratorio, to ancient and Celtic music. At age 17, Krista placed first in intermediate voice at the Kiwanis Music Festival Provincials, and went on to perform as a soloist for groups such as the Vancouver Bach Choir and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Her passion for visual arts lead her to pursue a degree in illustration at Emily Carr University, but she continued to study music and perform during her time there. While completing her first year at ECU, she earned enthusiastic reviews for her role as Joanna in Fighting Chance Productions' Sweeney Todd. She also appeared as a soloist in the Douglas College Choir's performance of Carmina Burana. Krista is thrilled to be joining Winter Harp this season.

Krista's illustrations can be viewed at:

Krista Gibbard

Lori Pappajohn

Winter Harp Director

Celtic harp

As a soloist and with her ensembles, Lori Pappajohn has performed in Canada, the United States, Chile, Britain, Ireland and Greece. Lori Pappajohn has also toured for Community Concerts, a division of Columbia Artists, New York. In 2008 she was nominated BC Touring Artist of the Year by the BC Touring Council for her ?artistic and performance excellence with Winter Harp.? She is also the recipient of the Bernie Legge Cultural Award for her outstanding contribution to the arts in New Westminster as both an artist and a newspaper reporter.

Lori Pappajohn is one of the leaders in the harp world, breaking away from traditional classical styles and exploring World, Celtic and Latin styles. Lori Pappajohn has been featured at the world?s most prestigious harp events -- the World Harp Congress, the International Jazz and Pop Harp Conference and the International Folk Harp Conference. In 2011, she was one of three key directors of the highly-successful World Harp Congress -- the world?s largest harp festival. Some 900 harpists from around the world attended the Vancouver festival.

Lori Pappajohn?s performances of ancient Greek music on harp garnered her an invitation to play for the reinstatement of the ancient games in Delphi, Greece, where she performed with the Isadora Duncan Institute of New York City.

A composer, arranger and an award-winning journalist, Lori Pappajohn has 11 recordings, two of which have been nominated for awards and many which have garnered international success.

Lori Pappajohn has produced a documentary about the history of the harp, and has been featured in a music video for Bravo Television. Her Winter Harp Ensemble has been showcased on television and radio, including on CBC Television?s prestigious Opening Night series. Lori Pappajohn is a faculty alumnist of B.C.?s International Celtic Harp School which features acclaimed harp teachers from around the world.


Joaquin Ayala

Medieval instruments

Joaquin Ayala's talents span both the musical and writing fields and most recently oil painting. The award-winning writer is a classical pianist and plays a number of other instruments including the harpsichord, of which he has a small collection. Joaquin and his rare medieval instruments have been featured numerous times on radio and television.

Joaquin Ayala

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